Godzilla 2014 (review)



This movie was so disappointing, I don’t mind spoiling it for you. No, I am not a Godzilla fanatic. I just wanted an enjoyable monster movie, and didn’t get it.

First of all, you will not see the world’s greatest monster for more than 20 minutes combined in the entire 2-hour movie. In fact, almost not in the first hour. When you do get to see him (I’m assuming he’s male), it’s mostly in the dark or under some other cover, perhaps to enhance the scare factor by letting the audience’s imagination work until later in the story. While this worked for some stories (Cthulhu was scary that way), I already knew what Godzilla, in general, looked like. True enough, this version wasn’t radically different from his predecessors, and I wish they just showed more of him from the beginning.

Next, they killed Bryan Cranston (from Breaking Bad) early. He was the most convincing actor in the movie, and was the most fun to watch while it lasted. Ken Watanabe survived till the end, but was wasted by the dry script.

Even Godzilla was confused. Wasn’t he supposed to destroy the city? Wait.. what? He had to SAVE it? The hesitation was evident in his voice as he roared an almost meow-like “good bye” to the people he saved. In the end, he dragged his tired legs back to sea, as if thinking, “Really?”

To be fair, the first 15 minutes or so were very good. And yes, the trailers were awesome. But by the time I saw those cool parts in the trailer, the movie was beyond redemption. There was more “monster” in Pacific Rim, which is in a different league altogether. This Godzilla won’t stand a chance against a damaged Jaeger with drift-incompatible pilots.

Dissenting opinions are welcome. I’d be interested to see if anyone actually liked it.