Edge of Tomorrow (2014) review

A writer once said, “Give your readers as much information as possible, as soon as possible. To hell with suspense.” But that’s a little extreme, and I prefer a more moderate approach.

Edge of Tomorrow hits the perfect balance between two extremes, and manages to tell a story that may seem simple, but is elevated to almost Nolan-esque heights (I might be crossing a line here, but see for yourself) by clever dialogue, good pacing, funny sequences and my favorite sergeant of the dystopian future: Bill Paxton. I love it when potential B-movie material is made into a very good final product, because so many good things have to come together just to avoid tackiness (and somehow, they do), and so many things could easily go wrong (but for some reason, don’t ).

The trailer (if you’ve seen it) barely scratches the surface of the story. It is just the “tip of the spear, the edge of the knife,” to quote a philosopher in the film. What might have otherwise ended up as another tacky space marine movie manages to make a connection between viewers and characters, look serious when necessary, and never forgets to dish out fun along the way.

In one sequence, Tom Cruise (Major Cage) and Emily Blunt (Sgt. Rita / The Angel of Verdun) have a dialogue in an abandoned house in which little bits here and there didn’t make sense. I knew that something was off, had a hunch, but there wasn’t enough information to conclude anything with certainty until later. It’s those little touches that help make this movie quite engaging. And Bill Paxton (yes, he deserves another mention).

Simple enough for the Homer Simpsons, subtle and complex enough for the Tesla fans, and funny, it’s one of my favorite movies this year. And if you get the feeling you’ve read this review before, come find me when you wake up. (That’s as much as I’ll spoil it.)