The Muppets: Most Wanted (review)


There is wit and humor and love and adventure in the latest Muppets movie, and if you at one time or another have ever been a lover or a dreamer, then you must see it.

It takes a special kind of magic to make adults and kids alike believe that a single mole can make a frog entirely unrecognizable – and the Muppets have this magic. It also takes a special kind of silliness to think that “Die Muppets” on a poster at a German theater reflects the public’s disappointment with their performance. They have that in spades, too.

You will never notice the time pass as Kermit, after being tricked by a sinister master-villain, uses everything he can to survive a Siberian gulag and its fearsome prisoners and jail guards, to be able to return to his friends and save, well… I can’t really give away too much.

From the Arctic (or Antarctic) to the desert and back, to a wedding with the most inconspicuous flower delivery guy and usher, there are plenty of reasons to watch this movie. Will the evil mastermind have his way, or will the Muppets’ friendship and dumb luck prevail in the end? I hope that, like the little kids who watched and laughed, you have faith enough to know the answer, and a sense of wonder enough to enjoy the ride.


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