American Hustle review


It’s too late to recommend or warn against seeing, but since it still feels somewhat fresh in my memory, might as well write something.

American Hustle did not require me to pause the movie (which I couldn’t do at the cinema anyway) or watch it a second time, just to understand what the <cough> was happening. It was a simple movie, in that sense. And yet, how that little scene about a character’s hair held my attention tells something of the movie’s sophistication. Captivating, but subtle. There’s a time and place for James Bond and The A-Team, and then there’s one for movies like this.

Nor did it have frenetic action sequences or sense-numbing special effects. Yet it managed to evoke tension and discomfort (again, the operative word is “subtle”). The topics it covers are pretty serious, but there’s enough tongue-in-cheekiness to let viewers watch in lighter, popcorn mode. (In fact, my companions ate their free popcorn despite having no drink.) Some would call this a “dark comedy”, while others might say it’s a funny drama.

Either way, this is one hustle that’s worth your time.